Your family business starts as a dream and too often becomes a source of family stress. I’ve helped families since 1999 keep their family business dreams on track.

Objective, Practical Guidance To Transform Your Family Business Results!

I’m a Master Coach providing individual and group coaching via phone and in person. I become your secret weapon to help you navigate family business dynamics.   Here’s what I do everyday:

    • Individual coaching to help you learn how to lead when you know things need to change yet others may be content with the status quo
    • Group Coaching by being an outside unbiased facilitator so your team can learn to communicate and work together better
    • Give your team a road map to follow so they learn to communicate, solve issues and set goals. My Family Business Decathlon has all my best exercises I’ve tested & used with families like yours
    • Check out my Landmine Detection Map to locate where your family might have issues now or in the future
    • Share new tools, exercises and success stories to families all over the globe with my free newsletter


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