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Your family and employees are relying on your leadership to avoid the issues that cause 70% of all family businesses to fail:  team conflict, poor communication and accountability. But you’re unsure how to Coach up your team and not blow up your family!

For 20 years I’ve been showing families how to use coaching to create high performing winning teams that stay together. You’ll learn how to talk, behave and work as a productive, enthusiastic team! Here’s how I can help you too:

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Families We've Worked With

What Clients Are Saying

One of Coach Pete’s long-time clients discusses the challenges she’s had in her family business and how Coach Pete’s expertise helped transition business leaders out of the business to make room for the new successor. They also discuss how Coach Pete helped all the members of the family business communicate more effectively as a team!

Coach Pete’s friend and client discusses what brought him to family-run business coaching, and how it has been helpful. Coach Pete came in to this family business to help with the succession planning process. He helped navigate through some “tricky waters” with many different personality styles in the family business.